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Michele Fury


Specializing in balayage and color corrections


Michele is a leading  balayage specialist whose hair color designs range from sun-kissed brunettes to perky blondes. Michele embraces a natural approach to color that’s fun, sexy, and sophisticated. With eighteen years of experience, she is a definitive expert in hair color correction. 

Michele began her journey with balayage in Paris, France. She learned the techniques that are the foundation of her remarkable career. Michele spent years as an educator and over six years as product specialist for L’Oreal

Michele consults for numerous media campaigns and has private clients including such celebrities as Olivia Palermo, Sigourney Weaver, and Jane Fonda.

In 2014, Michele was invited by clients to bring her revolutionary balayage technique to the Dominican Republic. Working in the Dominican republic was challenging as hard water can make the application of color difficult. Michele and her team had great success using Malibu and Olaplex treatments to ensure the integrity of their hair.   The clients loved their results!

Michele is is known for her warm nature and her gentle way of pampering clients.  If your looking for a natural highlight schedule a consultation with Michele!

Favorite Products- Olaplex and Malibu

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