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Spray Tanning


What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is a process by which a light mist of the chemical DHA is sprayed across the body, causing the skin to turn several shades darker. 

A spray tan can last up to 7-10 days with proper before & after care instructions. Spray tanning is great birthdays, weddings, special events, or just to feel a sunkissed. 


How to prep your spray tan : 

12-24 hours before your appointment exfoliate, and shave your body. Wear loose clothing to your appointment so you do not create and lines or marks on your body. Remove all jewelry before your spray tan. 


How to take care of your spray tan: 

Do not workout after your spray tan, wear loose clothing, do not apply makeup right after a spray tan. Wait 24 hours to let your tan soak into your skin, then rinse with cooler water. Make sure to not exfoliate your body or shave after a spray tan. 

$45, 45 minutes


if you would like thin lines around your waist, we offer disposable thong bottoms to wear for your spray tan. If you choose to wear a bra/your own underwear, make sure it is dark so the spray tan does not ruin your clothing. 

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